#TerrorInTheSkies: Pilot Films Himself Treading Water After Plane Crashes


Photo: Getty Images

I know our first initial thought is to take out our phones and record everything when something exciting happens.

But I think there's gotta be a line drawn when a plane crashes.

After a small plane crashed off Half Moon Bay, there was not only video taken when the plane hit the water but the actual pilot who needed to be SAVED filmed himself waiting to be rescued from the Coast Guard.

Pilot Owen Leipelt watched his friend's plane hit the water and instantly grabbed his phone to film the crash. Of course, he altered air traffic control and kept circling the scene to make sure his friend was okay but what was the need to record the crash?

My head just can't wrap myself around this.

Even worse, the actual pilot of the plane, David Lesh, was filming the experience.

Yes, the pilot who crashed, managed to get his phone out and record himself and his female passenger treading in the ocean as they waited to be rescued.

According to the video, Lesh and his passenger were in good spirits: laughing and smiling like nothing happened.

Maybe this is just me, but I wouldn't think to record myself after my plane crashed.

What is this world becoming?

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