The Cost to Solve the Homeless Problem in LA Continues to Rise


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Los Angeles has a problem.

Well, actually it has a lot of problems but one of the biggest issues is the homeless crisis.

The city is desperately trying to get rid of the thousands of people living on the streets and officially they are making strides!

A few homeless and low-income senior citizens will receive the keys to one the 72 new apartments being built in the heart of Koreatown.

We should be excited right?

Nope. Of course there's something wrong here.

Ready to hear the issue?


You've got to be kidding us! How can this project get approved.

It gets worse though. There are two additional projects in the pre-approval phase that are expected to go over $700,000 per unit.

"This kind of cost is utterly unacceptable," Controller Ron Galperin said. "I believe we need a fundamental course correction."

Of course city officials are trying to justify this price.

"There's nowhere that's doing a great job," said Megan Hustings, managing director of theNational Coalition for the Homelessin Washington, D.C. "Across the board, we have not been investing in affordable, low-cost housing."

It's just a load of crap. This is supposed to be affordable low-cost housing. It's the complete opposite and a complete WASTE of taxpayer's money.

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Listen to John and Ken discuss this below:

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