#TastyTuesday: @ForkReporter Has A Message About Fair Food & Raw Chicken

@ForkReporter has two things that he needs to tell you, and you're not going like them.

First, fair food isn't as great as you say it is.

Sure, they're tasty and they're creative.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with experimenting with flavors and foods to see if there's some undiscovered prime combos out there. Not only is there nothing wrong with it. but from an artistic angle, it should probably be encouraged and emphasized.

However, there is one massive problem with fair food that is inexcusable.

They over-promise and under-deliver.

It all comes down to the advertising.

The pictures and posters that they edit together make the $10 purchases totally justifiable.

But that isn't what you get.

Not even close.

You order the JUMBO Supreme Caramel Dunked Corn Dog, only to receive a drippy Vienna sausage.

Sure, some will claim that it is puffery, and that it is no different from any other advertisements.

It may be true.

But it doesn't make it right.

Here's the second thing you need to know...


You think it cleans your chicken?

It doesn't.

The only thing it does is spread germs all over the place. The water hits the chicken and splashes all over your sink and counter, taking the germs with it, and contaminating all of your surfaces. Then, when you grab the lettuce for your salad or the veggies for your tacos, you contaminate all of those, mixing the bad germs back in with your cooked chicken.

Nice move, genius.

Don't believe us? Fine. Read more about it at Today

Plus, Neil has some big news!!!

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