#MugshotOfTheDay: Beef Bandit, Ribeye Robber, Steak Stealer

(Michael Owens - Courtesy of St. Johns County Sheriff's Office)

He may be a Florida man (which is usually a joke in itself), but for the rest of his days, Michael Owens will be called by many other names.

The Beef Bandit.

The Ribeye Robber.

The Steak Stealer.

Regardless of your preference, the essence remains the same.

Owens was arrested in St. Augustine after security footage showed him taking two packs of ribeye steaks, shoving them down his pants, and walking out of the store.

The meat was recovered, but due to its proximity to his...ummm...belt(?), they had to be disposed of.

According to Actions News Jax, Owens figured that he would just be banned from the store if he was caught.

Sorry, bud, but you just don't get to treat prime cuts like that and avoid getting sent to the clink.

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