Simi Valley Councilmember Served With Notice Of Intent To Recall

Not too long ago, a Simi Valley councilwoman posted a video to Facebook claiming that border detention centers were running "concentration camps". Her city is not very happy about it.

In the video, councilwoman Ruth Luevanos of Simi Valley furthers her personal stance against President Donald Trump's crackdown on illegal immigrants, calling it "immoral".

“It gave the appearance that it was endorsed by the city,” Simi Valley Mayor Keith Mashburn said about the video. “It had a city logo, and she announced that she was a city council member. It made it appear that it was the stance of the council.”

Watch the video she posted below...

Now, Luevanos has been served with a Notice of Intent to Recall, signed by more than 25 Simi Valley registered voters.

Resident Joe Piechowski presented her with the Notice on Monday.

"The people of our community deserve to have someone who will not misrepresent herself publicly, will not lie about the actions of law enforcement in our community, and who will adhere to the Municipal Code when it comes to proper campaign finance reporting," he said.

More details on CBS LA.

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