Maisel Day Prompts Shops and Restaurants to Charge 1950's Prices

A one-day promotion for a period TV comedy has lowered prices in LA back to the 1950's. Maisel Day was a promo for Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and the city took full advantage. Some offered Marvelous deals such as 30 cent gas and 51 cent movie tickets. KFI's Andrew Mollenbeck spoke with Mark Canter from Canter’s Deli who said that a classic sandwich went for 99 cents.

"It's a pastrami on rye, which we bake here, with coleslaw and Russian dressing."

Canter said that he had to order in nearly 1500 pounds of extra meat.

Mollenbeck also spoke with Pinks Hot Dog co-owner Richard Pink who said that the throwback prices led to long lines.

"1959 we were open and hot dogs were 59 cents." However it's 2019 now and seeing prices like that are quite the shocker.

Although most of the promotional Emmy Awards campaign ran smooth, a gas station on Cloverfield Boulevard in Santa Monica caused a traffic jam that resulted in a shut down. The Chevron was offering 30 cents per gallon gas, leading to traffic congestion on the streets and 10 freeway so several hours.

“It was supposed to be shut down at 1:30 p.m. and we decided to let it go an extra hour to 2:30,” Lt. Candice Cobarrubias, spokeswoman for SMPD said.

“When we got out there and realized how big of a traffic issue it was, the sergeant on scene let the promoter know that we had to keep the flow of traffic on Cloverfield. When it got to the point that no one on Cloverfield was moving, we had to flush traffic.”

The period TV comedy is now up for twenty Emmy Awards.

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