Fans Gather For Nipsey Hussle Birthday Memorial , LAPD Has Strong Presence

Today marks the 34th birthday of rapper Nipsey Hussle who was shot outside of his Marathon clothing store back in March. Following the passing of the artist, thousands of fans poured out into the streets of Crenshaw and Slauson to pay their respects. Fans wishing to honor the rapper today at the Marathon store were welcomed to black fencing around the strip mall where the store is located. The fencing is reportedly in preparation for a Nipsey Hussle tower.

KFI's Corbin Carson went on scene near the intersection to see about twenty Nation of Islam security ushering people in and out for pictures with a Nipsey wall memorial. The LAPD says a heavy police presence will continue in the area throughout the night, "took make sure the experience is all positive."

Many will say that Hussle stood for peace in the community and some are asking for peace on his day of birth.

"I want his birthday to be a day that we can cease the violence in the city. No gang violence for the day. How about we just take one day out of the year and say, 'you know what, we not gon' gang bang today,'" one man stated.

Another man, who was frequently asked for photo's due to his likeness to Nipsey said that he flew across the country to be at the memorial.

"This one name touched everywhere over the whole world."

Another woman agreed that Nipsey Hussle's touch was universal,

"He was a real person. Everything he did he was teaching us - knowledge, respect."

Many celebrities have also joined in on mourning the rapper. Notable figure, Beyonce, even posted her massage on her Instagram account captioning, "Happy birthday in paradise."

In the post, she captions lyrics from husband Jay-z's collaborative song with Childish Gambino that states,

"The marathon will be televised for N.I.P.​ / 'Cause true kings don't die, we multiply, peace."

Other celebrities like Lauren London, who has spent many years in a relationship with Hussle took to Instagram to post an open letter.

"Today We celebrate You my beloved. Today we honor you King. We are to live in our highest vibrations today because that is how Nip lived his life. We should encourage and inspire today because that is how Hussle lived his life. Today we should love and give truth because that is how He lived his life."

"His Purpose still lives on with us all. Ermias wasn’t a sad soul," she wrote, calling the rapper by his given name. "He was a powerful strong magical soul. Today is the day we lift up."

"Long Live My other half. My beloved King. Ermias. Nip Hussle The Great! I miss you. I love you. Still here holding it UP!"

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