Another Vagrant Runs Free After Attacking Woman In San Francisco

Photo Courtesy of San Francisco Police Department

Paneez Kosarian was trying to enter her apartment building in San Francisco one night, when a homeless man attacked her and tried breaking into the building. Thankfully, there was a woman at the front desk who was able to get her away from the vagrant.

Kosarian later posted the building's surveillance video showing the attack, begging Gavin Newsom for help:

But Newsom has yet to help...Because the suspect is already back on the streets.

A judge recently released him from custody, telling him to wait for his trial.

"I started crying and I could not continue the conversation," said Paneez Kosarian who was notified by the District Attorney's office following the release of Austin James Vincent, the man who attacked her.

The vagrant was charged with second-degree robbery, battery, and false imprisonment. He is due back in court on September 12 for a pretrial hearing. But will he even show up?

"A criminal was released. He is free, I'm not. I'm in prison in my own house," said Kosarian.

Read the full report on ABC 7.

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