Vagrant Arrested After Kicking Dog 15 Feet Into The Air

Image: Port Hueneme PD

Last Friday afternoon, Port Hueneme Police arrested a transient for kicking a small dog 15 feet into the air.

The officers were first called to the scene after the suspect, Dylan McTaggert, was seen trying to punch life guards. A woman walking along the beach also said he kicked her dog into the air, without provocation.

Once they arrived, he fled on foot. But police were able to arrest him after a short chase.

The dog, named Sophie, was knocked unconscious. According to police, the dog was kicked so hard that her lung collapsed and displaced her heart. She is now resting at home.

“She’s my kid so it’s been really really hard," the owner said. "Friday was bad, Saturday was bad. It took 24 hours before she recognized us… She’s wagged her tail a few times so it’s pretty exciting.”

Chief Andrew Salinas says nearly half of the calls they get at Port Hueneme PD are transient related:

“These transients come over to the Port Hueneme beach area where we have a pier and facilities and end up ultimately harassing our beach goers. It’s very difficult to enforce right now because of the decriminalized laws in regards to some of our misdemeanors. They don’t stay in custody for very long…. It’s become a revolving door and it’s something we need to address sooner or later.”

The vagrant is currently being held in custody at the Ventura County Government Center, in lieu of $25,000 bail. He is scheduled for arraignment on Tuesday.

Read the full report on CBS LA.

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