Pilot Claims Sexual Discrimination Because Legs Too Short to Fly

Gloria Allred is legally representing pilot, Sheri Drerup.

A female pilot is claiming sex discrimination after company, NetJet, said that she was too short to fly a plane and wanted her to use booster seats. The pilot, Sheri Drerup, says her five-foot-two frame couldn’t reach the controls of an Embraer Phenom during training.

"I was told by NetJets, 'go buy a booster seat, wear platform shoes, just make it work. We hired you to fly this Phenom and you need to figure it out.'"

However, Drerup says that that was too much and the company never allowed her to fly other aircraft on which she was certified.

The sex discrimination lawsuit claims that men who were too tall to fly the Phenom were allowed to fly other jets.

"Stature was an issue for the three male pilots who were too tall for the phenom and yet they were transferred to another suitable aircraft."

Gloria Allred is now legally representing Drerup and claims that female pilots have faced discrimination for way too long.

"It's time to end the discrimination against female pilots and the double standard in the treatment of men and women."

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