When A Small Town Turned To Vigilante Justice To Handle A Bully

July 10, 1981.

For most people that were alive then, it was just another day.

However, for the people of Skidmore, Missouri, it was the day that they took justice into their own hands and put an end to their nightmares.

Ken Rex McElroy was a sort of throwback. If you believe the stories, he was a genuine bully.

He was a large, aggressive man that did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

He was only 47 years old, but he had already committed 37 felonies, and was showing no signs of changing his ways.

Soon, about 50 or 60 people (including the town sheriff) got tired of McElroy and his uncanny ability to evade meaningful jail time. The group held a meeting in order to determine their course of action.

They came up with one.

And they executed it, by executing him.

Multiple people surrounded McElroy and his wife, who were sitting in their truck. They escorted his wife to safety and opened fire on McElroy.

By the time the sheriff arrived, all the guns and shells were gone, and no one saw a thing...

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