SHLS - A Naked Rambling Man Is Pulled from a Culver City Chimney

Part of tiled roof with brick chimney against clouds

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It looks like Christmas has come early for a home in Culver City!

Well maybe not Christmas, but Santa Claus.

Ok, not Santa either. It's really just some naked guy who was trying to hide in someone's chimney.

CBS reports that a naked, rambling man was arrested after getting stuck in a chimney.

As he was being arrested, he was screaming, "They had me running around buck naked".

The man was attempting to rob a Ladera Heights home, he then fled and tried to hide in the chimney where he got stuck and then arrested.

Then, he started rambling and screaming. Watch this all go down below.

Lots of neighbors witnessed the arrest and were, understandably, pretty shocked.

One of them, Shraifer, said:

"Oh my God. I was shocked I couldn't believe it".

See, I told you.

Ace Antonio-Hall was with Shraifer and he said:

"I heard the helicopters that had been going around and I believe I heard the helicopters on the loudspeakers say 'everyone stay indoors'".

The whole thing started when the suspect was caught in a woman's home and the woman's husband tried to fight him.

That's when the suspect dropped this bit of information:

"I would never fight somebody buck naked".

That's when he ran down the street and tried to hide in the chimney.

As he was being booked, Shraifer said that the suspect claimed he had been laced and asked, "Is there a superhero out there?"

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