DSP - What Is China Going to Do about Hong Kong?

Unrest In Hong Kong During Anti-Extradition Protests

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As growing unrest arises in Hong Kong, many people are looking at the Chinese government to see how exactly they're going to be solving the situation.

ABC reports that China has been "teasing" about sending in the People's Liberation Army to end the unrest. They have also gone so far as to call the protesters as "criminals" who have crossed "red lines" demonstrate that the government has the PLA as an option.

However, many analysts are saying that it is unlikely that the PLA is going to deployed.

They start with the fact that deployment would directly contradict with the One Country, Two Systems deal.

A retired political analyst, Joseph Cheng says this:

"It means the end of the One Country, Two Systems model, it means failure on the part of Beijing's policies towards Hong Kong".

Currently, China only has about 10,000 soldiers spread out throughout a "handful of bases". This means that sending them in would be more of a symbolic move than anything else.

But the question still remains: What would have to happen for China to actually deploy these troops?

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