#TerrorInTheSkies? #MugshotOfTheDay? Both? You Be The Judge

(Julianne March - Courtesy of St. Joseph County Jail)

Now I'm not sure if every Friday is a rough day for Julianne March, but last Friday definitely was.

Julianne was working as a flight attendant for Air Wisconsin on a United Express flight from Chicago to South Bend.

Working might be a little generous...

Did she show up for work?


Did she fall asleep because she was so drunk?


I'm not talking about tipsy drunk, fun drunk, loud drunk, or I-wanna-fight-you drunk.

I'm talking about can't walk straight and can't hold things drunk.

I'm talking about .204% drunk.

According to passengers, including Aaron Scherb, March couldn't even get through the safety announcements.

"After everyone boarded the flight and we were still parked at the gate, the flight attendant began the security announcement, which seemed very slurred. She stopped after about 10 seconds without finishing."

She also fell asleep on the fight; a nap that included missing an internal phone call from the pilots.

Airport police hopped on the plane as soon as it landed in South Bend and arrested March.

According to Belleville News-Democrat, March was charged with public intoxication, and she could serve up to 6 months in jail.

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