Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Arlington man survived on Coca-Cola for five days after falling at home

9 - Man reports gun stolen during weekend orgy

8 - Louisiana woman shoots at plane spraying for mosquitoes because she thought it was a drone

7 - Argentina women's basketball team forced to forfeit game after wearing wrong uniform

6 - Basketball player attempting to join Bosnian national team fails drug test when it determines that he is pregnant

5 - Wayne Newton sued over monkey biting girl visiting his home

4 - The Chernobyl Spirit Company has brewed vodka from contaminated rye grain that was planted in the exclusion zone

3 - Man proposes to girlfriend by putting ring on cow’s udder

2 - Tennessee police are searching for Luke Sky Walker, who is accused of stealing road signs

1 - A grandson is taking his grandmother to all 61 US National Parks after she lived a life without seeing any oceans or mountains

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