Is Iowa Tired of All These Presidential Candidates?

Presidential Candidates Hit The Soapbox At The Iowa State Fair

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This week, Democratic presidential candidates took to the stage at the Iowa State Fair to try to garner support and awareness of their run. This has been a tradition since Iowa's caucuses are essentially the start of the election year.

However, there is something different this time around: There are 20 Democratic presidential candidates.

This is leading a lot of people in Iowa and around the country to question whether this is a good thing.

Duane Campbell from Las Vegas says:

"I think that watching the infighting could have Trump win again. That's what he wants. He wants us to infight."

Beth Doney, also from Las Vegas says:

"I'm just concerned that among Democrats, we're not yet able to rally around a smaller group of people and really focus on beating Trump, which I think is the number one issue of the election."

Yahoo reports that an AP/NORC poll demonstrates that although 79% of Democratic voters are interested in the election, 59% have anxious feelings about it.

Many are questioning whether all of these candidates can actually draw attention and energy away from defeating Trump.

Kim Sleezer, a middle school teacher, echoes these thoughts:

"I feel like the longer we're watering things down, the less time we have to kind of get everything together and fight the bigger fight that we have against Trump".

Despite all of this, low polling candidates such as Steve Bullock and John Hickenlooper have refused to step down.

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