Vietnam Veteran Returns Home After 52 Years!

Dallas airport from high latitude

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

On May 19, 1967, Air Force Colonel Roy Abner Knight Jr. was shot down in Vietnam.

Earlier this week, he was able to finally come back home.

ABC reports that his son, Bryan Knight, was 5 years old when he said goodbye to his father for the last time at Dallas' Love Field Airport.

Now, he's an adult and a pilot himself who was able to take fly his father's remains home.

In a video that Southwest put out on Twitter, he said:

"To be able do this, to bring my father home, I'm very, very honored and very lucky. How many people would ever have this kind of opportunity to do this? This is awesome. It's very touching, everything that I've gotten from all the people at Southwest Airlines. ...It's been overwhelming".

You can check out the video below.

When people saw what was going on once the plane landed, they remained silent and payed tribute to the fallen soldier.

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