Robbers Get Into Gun Fight With Homeless Man

Two armed robbers attempted to break into a donut shop in Norwalk on Wednesday morning, but when they found a homeless man sleeping inside, their plans changed.

It all happened at the strip mall on Rosecrans Avenue in Norwalk. Two armed men entered the donut shop early Wednesday morning attempting to rob the business, but instead got into a gun fight with a homeless man who often sleeps there.

"I was sleeping, and two guys came in, and one goes over the counter to deal with the donut guy," William Washington, the homeless man who got in a gun battle with the robbers, said. "The other one is standing next to me with a gun on me saying, 'don't move.'"
"As they turned to head out, I had to rack the slide on my weapon, because i don't carry it with a round in the chamber," Washington added. "I racked the slide, so when it went 'ching,' they turned around and started firing at me. I started firing back. They put five rounds in the back wall, and I put five rounds out here, hitting my own car."

Washington claims the gun he had is registered to him, however he does not hold a concealed-carry permit. Police took his gun as evidence.

But this isn't the first time this donut shop has been robbed. According to investigators, the same location has been robbed several times before, and they are now looking into if the attacks were related.

Read the full report on NBC LA.

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