The Sepulveda Basin Encampment Clean Up is the First of Many


Photo: Getty Images


Something is FINALLY being done.

I mean it only took forever.

But some kind of action is finally being taken.

What else would we get excited about?

Homeless cleanup!!!

I guess it took a fire for things to finally be done.

But according to Councilwoman Nury Martinez, she is implementing an effort to clear away all the 4-mile-wide Sepulveda Basin homeless encampments. She is finally enforcing existing the laws that were already passed.

Who would've thought?

In a interview about the fire and the reason she is starting this may cleanup: “For one, you would have held me responsible had someone gotten hurt,” Martinez said. “God forbid someone got hurt. Thank goodness no one did.”

Martinez also noted in a written statement Tuesday that a grenade was found during the cleanup, and pointed to it as “further proof that this is a major public safety issue that must be dealt with.”

For more information, please read here.

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