Machete to the Rescue! Actor Danny Trejo Saves the Day!

As if being trapped in a vehicle following a horrific crash isn't scary enough, imagine coming face-to-face with your rescuer -- and discovering he's Machete.

Fortunately, the victim in Wednesday's crash in Los Angeles is likely too young to know who "Machete" star Danny Trejo is. But she probably will when she gets older. Trejo was one of two bystanders who came to the baby's rescue after her grandmother's car overturned in the collision. Trejo crawled through the wreckage to whisk the child to safety, but couldn't unbuckle the straps of her car seat. So an unidentified woman approached the buckle from another angle. When she succeeded, Trejo was able to remove the child.

According to ABC 7's Veronica Miracle, the gruff actor then played with the girl until EMT workers finished tending to her grandma.

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