Chargers Surprise SoCal High School Football Team with $10K Donation

Football players from an Anaheim high school received a massive surprise from the Los Angeles Chargers.

Defensive end Joey Bosa presented the Magnolia High players with a $10,000 check on behalf of the NFL team to replace equipment that was lost in a recent fire.

Head coach Desmond Hernandez said he was worried about how the kids would be able to make it through their season without the appropriate equipment and when he sought donations is when Heather Birdsall, the Chargers’ director of community partnerships, got involved.

“When we first heard about it we wanted to learn a little bit more. So we reached out to the head coach and wanted to help in any way that we can. We found out what equipment they were missing because of the fire and wanted to make them whole again. Wanted to help them get ready for the season.”

Read more about the gift and the two teams HERE.

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