Oakland A's Sign Man After Video Of Him Throwing 96 MPH Goes Viral

Every single person that fell short of their dream of becoming a professional baseball player has had the same thought...

"If only a scout had seen me. I have the skills. Somebody just needs to see what I can do."

Well, for Nathan Patterson, that thought became reality.

He was at a Rockies game with his brother a couple weeks back when he decided to try out the pitch speed game.

People do it all the time.

The put up some pretty impressive numbers.

84, 85, 86 miles per hour.

Much faster than the average guy can throw, but not nearly as fast a professional pitchers.

What about 96?

That's major league velocity.

And that what Nathan Patterson was throwing.

Nathan's brother, Christian, was the real homie and tweeted out a video of him throwing that high cheese. He made sure to tag Major League Baseball in the tweet, just lobbing out the hope that somebody that any sort of power would see his brother throwing straight gas.

Well, somebody did.

Two weeks later, Nathan was a professional baseball player.

It may just be a minor league contract, but it is a chance.

The chance that Nathan has been working towards for years.

According to the New York Post, the 23-year-old has been talking to Oakland Athletics for the past few months, but it was his performance in this video that sealed the deal for him.

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