California Firefighters Say There's a Huge Increase in Homeless Fires

Wildfire Consumes Over 17,000 Acres North Of Los Angeles

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Things for California just keep getting worse.

It turns out their is a massive increase in homeless fires statewide, endangering lives and property. “It’s like Russian roulette,” says one of the firefighters.

Just last week we read the report from the NBC-4 investigative team about the increase in fires caused by the homeless in Los Angeles.

NBC highlights how little is done to stop this by the Los Angeles Police department.

In just their own research, hundreds of fires are started by homeless but in the last year only seven have actually gotten citations.

It doesn't make sense.

Well as it turns out, this isn't a Los Angeles problem. It's now become a state-wide issue.

California firefighters are speaking out on this problem.

“We get at least a couple calls a day to put out trash fires started by homeless folks. Sometimes it’s a dumpster, sometimes it’s just a pile of garbage on a sidewalk,” says a California firefighter.

When will something finally be done?!

We are TIRED of this.

For more information, please read here.

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