City of Los Angeles is taking away possessions from homeless on Skid Row


Photo: Getty Images

We've all heard of the tremendous (horrendous) skid row in downtown Los Angeles.

For years it's been a huge storage facility that is packed with items owned by the rows of homeless people who currently live there.

According to stats provided by the Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti's office, since June city sanitation crews have completed over 894 visits to homeless encampments. The crew has been responsible of disposing around 4,000 needles and sharp objects. If you think that's terrifying, they've had around 11,000 pounds of human waste and 1,400 tons of landfill waste.

Making matters even worse, about 80$ of the trash has been illegally dumped. The city suspects that the dumpers may be haulers or merchants trying to avoid fees.

If you're just as appalled by these facts like us, you should be.

It's about time the city is trying to stop this waste from piling up.

The homeless shouldn't be allowed possessions in the first place. i

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