The Advantage Of Having A 21st Century Garage

Google Buys Garage Where Company Was Founded

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It's the year 2019 and everything in our life is controlled by our phones.

Okay, we know what you're thinking. Not everything is controlled by our phones.... but we live in a day of age where we can control the settings of our garage all by a simple app on our smart phone.

But there's something special about that. Because for some families garages are more than just a place to store our car and belongs. Garages only grow in importance as families age. Add an old couch, a TV and a ping pong table and suddenly it’s a place where teens are hanging out away from the listening ears of their parents. It’s a game room, a clubhouse, a gym, a locker room, a dance studio, a rehearsal stage, a way of being out of the house without being outside, a patio for after school street play. And of course, garages are the one and only namesake home of garage bands. And now that we’re all grown up, garages are, most importantly, about 400 square feet of bonus space that you can do virtually anything you want with.

So what can we do with this extra space?!

How can we make our garages more accustomed to the 21st century?

You can add an AC unit, convert the garage to a fun space, update the garage doors and so much more.

There is a price commitment to this project, but it's nice to be with the current technology and not to fall behind.

Listen to Dean Sharp explain it all below:

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