Women Rank "Kindness" As Their Top Desired Trait In Men

Nice guys.

We have good news for you!

We know the saying goes nice guys always finish last.

But there's a new survey that proves otherwise.

In this survey, it found that almost 90% of women rank kindness as their most desired trait they want in their partner.

See nice guys! Nice guys actually finish first!

According to this survey, supportiveness, intelligence, and confidence followed closed behind.

The survey polled more than 64,000 people in 180 countries. So that's a pretty fair sample size.

So men, if you're looking for a new relationship. We recommend you start by being a nice guy. Women want to be treated well.

Shockingly, attractiveness did not make the top of list. But more than 90% of women said they want to date someone who is taller than them.

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