Blind Piano Prodigy Plays "Piano Man" With Billy Joel On Stage

Sweet music to our ears.

14-year-old Logan Riman's dream just came true recently and we can thank Billy Joel for that.

Riman is a young piano prodigy who happens to be blind. In April, he performed at Radio City Music Hall in New York City for the Gardens of Dreams Foundation. The crowd was so impressed by him, they wanted him to meet the original piano man, Billy Joel.

So everyone came together and found a way to arrange for Joel and Riman to meet.

During Joel's latest concert at Madison Square Garden, the famous musician surprised everyone with something more than just a simple hello.

“Out of nowhere, Mr. Billy Joel was gracious enough to ask Logan if he wanted to join him on stage to play,” the teen’s mother Leah Riman said.

With grace, Logan started playing Joel's hit song "Piano Man" and was shortly joined by Mr. Piano Man himself.

“At Madison Square Garden… it was so cool. That was amazing,” Logan said.

This experience has been a dream come true for Logan and his mother. His childhood wasn't always so easy.

“He gets bullied a lot, he gets judged a lot, but people shouldn’t do that. He’s an incredible child, very smart, you get to know him, give him a chance, you’ll love him. Don’t judge people give them their chance,” Riman said.

Logan's mother is hoping the video of her son performing on stage with Billy Joel will inspire others that life has no limits.

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