John and Ken's Analysis Of The Mueller Hearings

Mueller Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee On Investigation Into Election Interference

Photo: Getty Images

In case you live under a rock, today you are aware that Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified on his Mueller Report before two House committees on Wednesday afternoon.

Here's a quick summary:

It was a BIG waste of time.

Honestly it's remarkable the Democrats even attempted to make us go through this all again.

It was just the same back and forth, going nowhere answers from Mueller that lasted over SEVEN hours.

The Democrats want to impeach President Trump so bad, but Robert Mueller has nothing on him.

There was no collusion.

Despite that, it was still the big story of the day.

So John and Ken did their listeners a favor and summarized it just for you.

Listen to John and Ken's analysis and conversation with Congressman Tom Mcclintock, who was there in D.C for the hearings toda, below:

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