Bison Tosses Nine-Year-Old Girl Into The Air At Yellowstone National Park

A nine-year-old girl was injured after a bull bison charged at her and tossed her up into the air at Yellowstone National Park. The girl was taken to the Old Faithful Lodge by her family and then transferred to the Old Faithful Medical Clinic for treatment. Park officials did not disclose her injuries but said that she was released from the clinic.

The girl and her family were visiting from Odessa, Florida when they encountered the giant bison. According to the National Park Service, between 50 and 60 people gathered around the wild animal and hung out in the area for about 20 minutes. Their presence agitated the bison, and eventually, it had enough and started charging toward the group.

Hailey Dayton was in the area and noticed that some people were petting the bison while it was eating. She was recording when the bison charged and shared the dramatic video on Twitter. The bison started rushing toward the group as two adults can be seen running for their lives. The bison then chased after them but then noticed the young girl. It turned it head and hit the girl, sending her flying high into the air.

“My brother and I were looking at the hot springs, and we saw a bunch of people running down the path to the bridge. We saw through the trees some people petting the bison, super close,” Dayton told NBC News.

Park officials reminded visitors to avoid wild animals and to stay at least 25 yards from large animals such as bison, elk, and moose. They have not filed any charges against the individuals but are investigating the incident.

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