Watch Out For Coyotes In Buena Park, Officials Warn

Have you seen a coyote lately? Officials are now warning everyone to be prepared for possible encounters with the aggressive animals.

Buena Park resident Scott Goodling arrived home from work on Friday night to find that a coyote had entered through the doggie door in his kitchen. He found blood all over the kitchen floor, and then noticed his two dogs had been attacked. The coyote killed one of them, his 10-year-old Maltipoo named Sally.

"I turned the corner and walking into the kitchen, and there's blood all over the floor in the kitchen," Scott Goodling told ABC7.

Thankfully Goodling's other dog survived, but he did suffer injuries from the attack that added up to $2,200 in surgeries.

The City of Buena Park later issued a news release warning residents of the dangers of coyotes, and asking them to take preventative steps in protecting themselves and their pets.

"Coyote activity typically increases in the spring and summer," the release said. "According to the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, coyotes are smart and have learned to live along side people in residential neighborhoods. Coyotes are by nature fearful of humans. However, if coyotes are given access to human food and garbage, their behavior changes."

According to Buena Park officials, these are a few steps you can take to keep you, your pets, and your property safe:

  • Keep cats and small dogs indoors or in close presence of an adult coyote
  • Feed pets indoors
  • Remove potential food/water sources from your yard, such as fallen fruit and standing water
  • Teach children to avoid areas with dense vegetation or brush
  • Install motion-sensor lighting around your home

"I understand we coexist with the wildlife, and the coyotes were here before we were," Goodling said. "But so were the rats. When we have a problem with them, we do something about it, and the coyotes should be no different."

Scott Goodling will join the John and Ken Show at 4 PM TODAY to talk about what happened. Make sure you're listening to KFI AM 640.

Read the full report on the LA Times.

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