Video: Shark Leaps Up in a Too Close for Comfort Call Near Cape Cod Boat

No that's not the Jaws theme you're hearing, but I'll be darned if it isn't a close call of life imitating art.

Sailing through Cape Cod Bay, a group of parents with their kids say one of the children with him hooked what was the group thought to be a large fish,

Excited with the haul, Doug Nelson pulled out his phone to film the catch being reeled in.

It was at that moment the group realized there was more than just a fish near that line.

As the fish was close to being reeled into the boat, a great white shark jumped out of the water, grabbing the catch from the line.

According to CNN, those sharks generally love the Cape area during this time of year, so much so that officials have shut down several beaches because of them.

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