Controversy Surrounds a Santa Ana Police Officer Engaged in a Sexual Act

Police officers are supposed to crack down on crime and help fight the homeless problem.

Now, a video has been released raising questions about a sexual act involving a Santa Ana police officer.

The OC Weekly reports that on April 10, police cleared out an area filled with homeless people. Shortly after, a police car drove around and parked by a wall.

Here, someone recorded the police officer engaged in a sexual act.

At first, it looks like he is the only one in the car, but a closer look shows that what should be the officer's right hand is "more slender and effeminate than the man's left hand".

Before the footage ends, the officer appears to be reaching over to the passenger side of the car.

The Santa Ana Police Department declined to comment on "any personnel investigations".

The department does have a policy against, "engaging in on-duty sexual activity including, but not limited to, sexual intercourse, excessive displays of public affection or other sexual contact".

Now that the video is known to the public, what will happen next is unclear.

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