Man Accused of San Diego Pride Parade Threats, Trio of Bank Robberies

SAN DIEGO (CNS) - A man who allegedly threatened to “kill all the gays and the children” at this year's San Diego Pride parade has been charged in a series of San Diego County bank robberies, the U.S. Attorney's Office said today.

Andre Lafayette Holmes, 31, of San Diego, is accused of robbing a U.S. Bank in Spring Valley in November 2016, a Mission Federal Credit Union in San Diego last June, and the California Bank and Trust in Hillcrest last month, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Prosecutors say he was tied to the bank robberies after law enforcement officials identified his phone number due to a series of calls he made to Pride Parade organizers on the morning of July 10, days before the annual parade.

“I think I'm going to have to kill all the gays and the children. I'm going to kill all the f------ and children,” he allegedly said to a Pride Parade employee, who asked the caller, “Sir, what's your name?”

The caller's reply was “I don't like them” and “I hate the f---,” before hanging up.

He allegedly called back later and said, “F--- Donald Trump. I hate Hillary. I'm going to shoot up the Pride event.”

Charges are pending against Holmes in relation to the alleged threats.

Following the phone calls, prosecutors say the phone number the calls originated from was tracked to Holmes. From there, police found that he had a minivan registered under his name and stopped the van near Miramar College on July 11.

Prosecutors say that in the van, police found the phone that was used to make the threatening calls.

A search of Holmes' house and van also allegedly turned up a semi- automatic pistol, a rubber “old man” style mask, a large bag of cash, clothing believed to be worn by the bank robbery suspect, and a Big Gulp 7- Eleven mug prosecutors say the suspect used during two of the robberies.

Prosecutors say Holmes pointed a pistol at bank tellers during the final two robberies.

During the first holdup, Holmes allegedly claimed to have a gun and slipped bank employees a demand note that stated, “We have guns! I will personally shoot anyone you alert! Don't make me jump over the counter and kill innocent people. Big bills only and I'll calmly leave. Money now!!!”

The back of the note read, “I'm sorry, good man on hard times. Sincerely, Bank Robber.”

Photo: Getty Images

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