More First Responders Die From Suicide Than On the Job, Says Former Officer

A motorcycle tour is making its rounds to spread awareness surrounding First Responders and mental health. Ride 4 Relief, a 33 state tour, is organized by former officer and firefighter, Jeff Shepherd. The organization states that, “more First Responders die from suicide than on the job.” During a press conference in Los Angeles July 12th, Shepherd said that he got PTSD from being shot and hit with an IED in the line of duty.

"We'll see critical incidents and things that will happen, death, on the job, and you're just supposed to go back to work the next day."

Sergeant Darren Lee is a peer support coordinator for Anaheim police.

"I've seen a domestic violence victim bleed out and die at my feet. I've held a lifeless infant and breathed life back into that baby."

Lee says that First Responder are supposed to just go to the next call with a smile.

"I've seen so many dead bodies in my life that I've lost count."

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