San Luis Obispo Police Chief Leaves Gun In Restaurant Bathroom

I'm sorry.


So you're telling me that the San Luis Obispo Police Chief went into the bathroom, took her gun off, sat it next to her, and left it there?

We are talking about the CHIEF OF POLICE, aren't we???

Now, we do have to give her some credit. She owned up to her mistake, went public, and issued a legitimate apology where she explains exactly what happened and how she messed up. But, like she notes in the video, that kind of complacency just can't happen when you are a police officer.

Luckily for Chief Cantrell, and the rest of the community, security camera footage was able to pinpoint a prime suspect and get some great pictures of him.

She also reported the gun stolen, so authorities shouldn't have any issue tracking it down if it is used in any criminal activity.

If it is, though, does she face liability?

Read the full story at The Tribune

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