Watch Out For 'Margarita Burns' This Summer

Drinking outside this summer? Beware of the so-called "margarita burn".

A Canadian woman suffered second-degree burns after she made cocktails for friends on the lake, and now she wants to warn others of the risk.

Back in June, Amber Prepchuk visited the lake with her friends, and spent a good amount of that time squeezing limes and lemons making drinks. But the next day, she woke up with second-degree burns all over her hands.

“I woke with blisters forming in between my fingers and on the tops of my hands,” Prepchuk said.

She immediately went to the burn clinic at the University of Alberta Hospital, where the doctors claimed she had burns that had bad reactions with the sunlight.

“It’s almost overwhelming because it’s not like you just accidentally burned part of your hand on the oven or the stove or something,” she said.

According to Healthline, these burns are commonly known as "margarita burns", and result when the chemicals found in limes and citrus fruits react with the sunlight. The burn scars can last for weeks, sometimes even months...

“It was tear-inducing,” she added. “Being sunburnt is one thing, but being mild second-degree burned is a whole other sensation.”

Read the full story on Fox 11.

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