Disney World Has A 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Themed Strawberry Dole Whip

Disney World continues to add exciting, delicious new menu items in their four Florida theme parks. Their latest addition is a Pirates of the Caribbean- themed strawberry dole whip float that we need to try ASAP. The tasty treat is called Redd's Revenge and is available at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Magic Kingdom.

According to Disney Food Blog, Redd's Revenge pairs strawberry flavored dole whip with strawberry Fanta "for an icy, sweet treat." The icy beverage comes with a "pirate approved" tri-corner hat in red chocolate. Yum! The new float is totally Instagram-able, of course.

Sunshine Tree Terrace recently added another fun menu item called the FOMOsa. The FOMOsa (name inspired by the acronym for Fear of Missing Out) has orange and vanilla swirl soft serve paired with sparkling apple cider. The new menu item is served in a champagne flute. How fancy!

Next time you're in Magic Kingdom make sure you swing by Sunshine Tree Terrace to sample these desserts. They'll be the perfect snack between rides on Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise.

Photo: Disney Food Blog


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