Off-duty LAPD Detective Allegedly Recorded Videos In The Men's Restroom

Prosecutors from the Anaheim district filed 75 misdemeanor counts on disorderly conduct against an off-duty Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly videotaping inside the men's restroom at Angel Stadium.

The 75 counts are broken into 37 counts of peeping with intent to invade privacy, 37 counts of secretly recording in the restroom and one count on loitering.

The Anaheim police received a report on June 8 about a man who was allegedly videotaping another man inside the restroom which led the police to do an investigate report.

This report revealed that around 37 were federally being recorded unknowingly during a singular night.

The alleged victim then identified Ryan Caplette, 42, as the man allegedly responsible for the videotaping.

The off-duty LAPD detective has since been assigned to home duty with pay but since he's been charged it's unclear if he's still under the same status.

He was released on citation and is expected to appear in court on July 22, 2019.

For more information, please read here.

To hear more, you can check out Bryan Suits conversation with NBC 4 Investigator Eric Leonard below:

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