How Donald Trump Wants to Add a Citizenship Question to the Census

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Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that the Census Bureau would not be allowed to add a question involving citizenship status to the 2020 census.

CNN reports that as of right now, the census questionnaire will be printed without the question.

Despite this, President Donald Trump says he will still try to add it and is weighing his options.

Some of these options include an executive order or "a potential addendum to the questionnaire that would allow the question to be added at a later date".

When talking about the executive order, Trump said, "It's one of the ways -- we have four or five ways we can do it. It's one of the ways that we're thinking about doing it very seriously".

Adding this kind of question would help the government determine how many illegal immigrants are in the country.

But this leads to the argument that those very people wouldn't take the census in order to hide from government officials.

So should there be a citizenship question? Or would it even do anything?

Below, Bryan Suits talks all about it and gets a report from Andy Field from ABC.

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