Thousands Nationwide Gather to Protest Migrant Detention Camps

Demonstrators have filled sidewalks outside congressional field offices in Southern California calling for the end of border detention centers. The left-leaning advocacy group Move On organized the demonstrations with the intention to coincide with the congressional recess for the Fourth of July. Some of the demonstrators told KFI News that the ideals of the holiday stand in contrast with the actions taken at the border.

"It's inhumane. We've all seen the footage and heard the testimony of the conditions inside those camps and this was an emergency action. We couldn't wait another minute, we had to come out," said one protestor. Nearly 200 people lined the sidewalk outside the office of Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff in Burbank.

One woman told KFI's Kris Ankarlo that she was embarrassed to be an American. "I'm personally not feeling very patriotic."

"It's not the America that I love, it's not the America that so many have fought for and died for," another protestor added.

The protesters say that although they're aware Adam Schiff is in their court, nothing much is happening. They are frustrated with "ideological allies in congress."

"Until he or someone shuts us down, we're going to stand in front of every reps office."

The crowd focused on a message of moral outrage, but they also questioned the practicality of detention centers.

A big issue was the fiscal irresponsibility of the practices at refugee camps.

"We are paying $750 a day for each person," one woman noted.

See footage of the protest below.

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