#TastyTuesday: It's Burger Season, Baby!

We are deep in the throws of grilling season, and what says grilling more than burgers?!?!

With that in mind, Gary finally used all the grilling tools and tips that Neil gave him a couple weeks ago that resulted in burgers that just might be worthy of being featured in OC Burger Week.

@ForkReporter has been telling us burger-making tips for years, but today, this list from is still pretty helpful.

  • Build To The Bun - Before you make your patty, check out the size of your bun, and build it to fit it. Make the patty a little bit bigger than your bun. Then, when it shrinks, it'll be perfect.
  • Dig A Dimple - When you press out your patty, make sure to leave a dimple in the middle. Burgers like to swell up in the middle as they cook, so this helps stop that.
  • Don't Push It - When cooking your burger, do not press it down with your spatula. This just squeezes the juices out, which is bad.
  • Test The Temp - Don't be afraid of a thermometer. They're the fool-proof way to make sure your burgers are cooked properly.
  • Toasted Twist - Try toasting the bun. It can add textures and flavors.
  • Cross The Queso - If you want to make sure that every bite has cheese, crisscross the cheese.

Read the full story at Pensacola News Journal

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