Homeless Takeover The Garden Grove Walmart Parking Lot

The homeless crisis is spreading... and now residents in Garden Grove can't even go to their local Walmart without being nervous about what the vagrants might do.

And to make matters even worse? Police say there's nothing they can do.

“There’s just a lot of homeless, a lot, asking for money,” one shopper told CBS Los Angeles. “I don’t come after it’s dark.”

According to residents, a homeless camp has even sprung up in the Walmart parking lot. But why can't Walmart, or even the police, make them leave?

“Many times they sit there and say, ‘Can’t you just arrest them?” But it doesn’t work that way,” Brian Meers, a Garden Grove police officer assigned to the homelessness problem, said. “Most of the violations in the state are misdemeanor crimes now and they get out in six hours, and the reality of it is that they’re going to go right back to doing what they were doing before.”

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