The Fashion District Has Become LA's Unofficial Trashcan

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Los Angeles' Fashion District has become the dumping grounds of around 12 tons of garbage.

This has led to rat infestation and a public health concerns.

NBC reports that business owners have complained about all of the trash and even after making several calls to 3-1-1, nothing has changed.

The owner of Glam Apparel, Joe Song says, "This is embarrassing. In the heart of Los Angeles, I cannot believe we have this. And there's nobody doing anything about it".

The absolute worst site for this mess is on 771 East Pico. Here, a Priceless Apparel caught fire in 2018 and the origins could be traced back to a homeless encampment.

Where is Mayor Eric Garcetti during all of this?

He's in Hawaii on a U.S. Conference of Mayors.

When asked over the phone by NBC about the trash, he responded that he didn't know and, "I'd like that cleaned up today".

All of this could have been avoided if there was a crackdown on illegal dumping, something Garcetti already said he was going to do.

How much would you get fined for dumping illegally?

The largest fine was $233, a cost that's less than some parking tickets.

Rena Leddy from the Business Improvement District says, "A $233 ticket doesn't really discourage illegal dumping".

She went on to say that legally dumping trash would cost "thousands of dollars a month".

Then why aren't the penalties higher for dumping trash illegally? If a ticket is $233 then it's clearly not doing anything to stop this.

Listen to John and Ken talk about it below!

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