Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Arby's trolls vegans and Impossible Burger fans by making "carrots" made entirely of meats

9 - Reservations for Taco Bell’s hotel in Palm Springs sold out in 2 minutes

8 - Woman falsely reported that her husband killed her

7 - Oregon deputies pull 57 electric scooters and bikes from Portland river amid growing fears that their batteries could leak into the water

6 - Drunk man thinks woman is stealing is his car and ends up stealing her's and wrecking it

5 - Air Canada passenger claims she was left on plane when crew forgot about her

4 - Catholic bishop plans to spray city with holy water from helicopter to exorcise demons that are terrorizing their port

3 - Man breaks into Sheriff's office through window and brings donuts as peace offering

2 - Darth Viktorovych Vader is running for a seat in the Ukrainian parliament

1 - Fugitive "attack squirrel" owner arrested in Alabama after chase

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