Las Vegas Provides Option to Pay Parking Tickets with School Supplies

Office supplies

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Don't you hate getting parking tickets?

Las Vegas making the sting a little less painful.

ABC reports that through July 19, people who have gotten a parking ticket can pay for it by donating school supplies to needy children. Someone who wants to pay off their ticket must donate supplies that are "of equal or greater value to their ticket". The supplies must be donated within 30 days of receiving the ticket.

People can donate things such as markers, pencils, erasers, paper and much more and the donations will go to the nonprofit organization, Teacher Exchange.

Toys will also be accepted as payment and will be donated to the Salvation Army.

This is a good idea, right?

So if you get a ticket in Las Vegas, don't think of it as a punishment. Instead, think of it as a forced donation. That'll make the sting feel a little better...right?

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