Human Trafficker Targeted Nearly 20 Women Using Social Media

Authorities are on the lookout for more people who may have been victims of a South Los Angeles human trafficker. Bryan Barkley, 23, would use social media sites like Snapchat to target these victims. In December 2018 Barkley was found to have held a 16-year old girl with autism in his View Park-Windsor home where he posted photos of her onto prostitution sites and would charge men to visit the house and have sex with her, KTLA reports. After 4 days, the 16-year old was released and returned to her family. Following a police report to the Marina Del Rey Sheriff's Station, Barkley was caught and arrested on February 14th, 2019.

Now, the LA County Sheriffs Department has been looking for as many as 20 women who may have been trafficked. Lt. Barry Hall tells KFI News that investigators found pictures on Barkley's electronics and social media after his arrest.

"Everyone's on social media so the pimps in this case will prowl those sites and locate vulnerable females and turn them out," Hall says.

The other victims that have been identified are all adult women.

Hall says investigators are also looking for two women who helped Barkley recruit and groom these women into prostitution. 

According to inmate records, Barkley is currently being held in an L.A. jail on $150,000 bail.

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