Former USC Gynecologist, George Tyndall, Has Been Arrested


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The former USC gynecologist who has been accused by hundreds of patients of sexual misconduct, George Tyndall, has been arrested.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Tyndall was arrested outside of his apartment in Westlake and is being charged with over 24 felonies.

These felonies include "18 counts of sexual penetration of an unconscious person" and "11 counts of sexual battery by fraud for touching an 'intimate part' of a patient 'for the purpose of sexual arousal' and under the guise of a 'professional purpose'".

The prosecution intends on asking for bail to be set at over $2 million.

Detectives gave prosecutors a lot of evidence for the case. There has been interviews with several alumnae regarding Tyndall and their experiences. Evidence was also taken from his storage locker and apartment.

Despite all of this, Tyndall still claims his innocence.

Leonard Levine, an attorney representing Tyndall states, "After one year of being tried in the press, Dr. Tyndall looks forward to finally having his case adjudicated in a court of law".

For others, however, this arrest means justice.

John Manly, a representative of some of his former patients says, "The survivors are looking forward to the courts finally delivering justice and holding Tyndall accountable for years of abuse".

David Ring, someone else who is representing former patients, explains, "Dr. Tyndall got away with his crimes for an astonishingly long time. But his arrest today reaffirms what his victims have said all along: This is a dangerous criminal who preyed on vulnerable female patients".

USC has already agreed to pay $215 million to Tyndall's former patients in a class-action settlement earlier this month.

John and Ken talk about it below and get a report from Corbin Carson. Check it out!

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