Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Man says Florida villa he bought at government auction turned out to be a foot-wide piece of land

9 - Country Time is paying kids' fines and lobbying for legalizing lemonade stands as cops shut them down across the country

8 - Testing of sewage confirms rise in marijuana use in Washington after legalization

7 - Judge rules that Michigan man that won $80 million lottery must split it with ex-wife

6 - People all over Kansas City report strange orbs in the sky, so people obviously think it's aliens

5 - Study finds that lost wallets are more likely to be returned if they have money in them

4 - Bronx paralegal is arrested after dropping 24 bags of crack and 16 vials of heroin on the floor of the DA's office

3 - Study finds that 33% of women have gone on a date for a free meal

2 - Woman tries to poison her fiance with eye drops like she saw in Wedding Crashers

1 - Russell Crowe bought a $35k dinosaur head from Leonardo DiCaprio

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