Man Charged With Killing A Cop Had A History Of Domestic Violence

Sadly this week a 45-year-old man killed Sacramento police Officer Tara O'Sullivan.

More information is coming out and apparently the suspect in question has a long history of domestic violence and battery against woman.

Jail records online show that Adel Sambrano Ramos was booked in the main jail on a single count of murder.

The question remains, why was he ever released?

Dating back to 1995, multiple records show arrest for domestic violence, battery cases, theft, and driving under the influence.

His latest record on his case comes from September 2018 for a charge that he battered a young female at his Redwood Avenue address.

It's sad how criminals can get away with so much.

For more information, please read here.

Listen to John and Ken's conversation with Joe Michaels from KFBK in Sacramento to get more details on the shooting below:

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