Gas Tax Won't Be Enough Money To Fix The Roads

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Once again, California is about to charge the highest taxes and fees on gas in comparison to the United States. Yet another increase will kick in starting July, but state officials are warning us that this tax still won't be enough money to fix the roads.

Okay, so are we hundreds off, thousands?

Nope, even with this new increase, the state is nearly billions short of what's needed to properly fix the roads.

This increase has added 5.6 cents per gallon to our bill, and if you add the 12-cent increase that took place in November 2017 that's nearly $5.4 billion added in funding.

It's still not enough though.

I don't get it.

How are people not outraged by this? Officials estimate that nearly $130 billion will need to be brought in to fix the roads and bridges.

“The current funding is not sufficient, it is not enough,” said Tony Akel, a Fresno engineer who is a leader of the American Society of Civil Engineers. “We know that there is a big gap that is a result of years of underfunding.”

California's roads recently received a "D" grade and are among the worst in the county, but State Sen. Jim Beall says don't expect to see change soon.

The SB 1 project will take years to come into effect.

So, if this is going to take so long. Why are they taxing us NOW? Can't Gov. Newsom budget for this in the long run?

We are so so tired of being taxed. It's a shame Yes on 6 didn't pass in November 2018

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